Costume Combos

There are different costumes to mix and match and I will show you some right here on our COSTUME COMBOS PAGE!

Costume 1: Vacationer

First, “randomize” your character(Ctrl+shift+r) until you get a tennis racket, then you must get sunglasses from Spy Island. Next, go to Shark Tooth Island and “costumize” the hat from the shark fin selling guy. Also, go inside the Tourism Center and “costumize” the shirt, pants, and camera from a tourist. Lastly, (optional) you can “costumize” the magician’s outfit (get the beard and mustache) from the store.

Sorry, I forgot to put the sunglasses on. Do it yourself. 😀

Costume 2: Harry Potter

Get Graduation Robe from store. Get shaggy hair. Get glasses. You can get both with the randomizing glitch. Get red cape from Mask and Capes in Super Power. Lastly, get the witch’s broom from Haunted House.

Costume 3: Han Solo from the movie Star Wars

First, you can get the wite shirt and vest at the beginning of the game when you make your character or by using the randomizing glitch. You can do the same with the Blue pants. Last but not least, you can get the gun from the Cowboy costume in the store.

Costume 4: Ghost

First you need the hair and skin white using the colorizer or pigments on Early Poptropica and the smoothie stuff on 24 Carrot. Then, get white clothing(easiest way is to get white graduation robes)Then get the Phantom item in the store and there you go! You’re a ghost! This one can work for boys and girls.

Costume 5: Goth/Dead Dude

Get Hades crown from Mythology island. (There is a walkthrough on the Island Walkthroughs page.) Get scar and the stick thing in his hand from the Haunted House. Get his mouth to be frowning. Get the black pigment from the skin color cheat on our Cheat Codes page. Add a black cape, pants, and skull shirt from multi-player rooms.

Costume 6: The Statue of Liberty

Get the robes from the Angel costume in the store. Use the skin cheat to get green skin. Get green lips and the hair in a multi-player room. Use the torch cheat to get the torch in your hand. Use the hair color cheat to make your hair green. You look in the mirror, and you see the Statue of Liberty!

Costume 7: Santa Clause (My way)

The first thing you have to do for this awesome costume is type 1226 in the cell phone from Nabooti island. That gives you a hat and the bag. Find some red pants in a multi-player room or from some random Poptropican. Lastly, get the red sweatshirt from Hip Hop on Reality TV island. The best part about it is that you don’t have to use any of the items from the store costume Tangled in Lights.

Costume 8: Hippie Pizza Delivery Gal

Get the Papa Pete’s hat (if you can) by costumizing the original pizza delivery girl on Reality TV island or by costumizing someone in a multi-player room. Next, find that curly hair in a multi-player room. Same with the bubblegum mouth (or you could use Popgum from the store.) Get the shirt from the Biker outfit in the store. Get the tie-dye shirt from Hipppie Harry on Reality TV island. Find some red pants. That’s it!

Costume 9: Alice in Alice in Wonderland (the newer movie)

First get the hair from Vampire Girl 2 in the store. Then, get the armor from Dark Astro Knight in the store. Make your hair whitish-blond using the smoothies in 24 Carrot. Get the sword from Heart Astro Knight in the store. Change your mouth to a smile. You’re Alice!

Costume 10: The Monster

This costume got me third place in the PHB’s Halloween Costume Contest, so I highly recommend it. Costumize the head from the Minotaur on Mythology island. Find the mouth anywhere. It’s kind of hard to find, so if you can’t find it, use a different mouth.The wings and the tail are from the Little Demon costume in the store. The sword is from the Pirate Captain costume in the store. You get the one leg from the “One Legged Race” cheat on our Cheats page. The body is from the Swamp Monster costume in the store. Last but not least, the vines come from the Pumpkin Head costume in the store.

Costume 11: Vacationer 2 (Girls’ Version)

Grab that flower necklace from the guy outside the Coconut Cafe on Shark Tooth island. Find the skirt anywhere, and go into the Tourism Center on Shark Tooth. “Costumize” the shirt and the hair from the lady at the Tourist Info desk.

Costume 12: Weapons Man

Find the hair anywhere. Get the metal face by “costumizing” it from someone in a multi-player room. “Costumize” the cloth thingy on his mouth from the B.A.D. guys on Spy island. Get the bow, arrow, and quiver from the Robin Hood costume in the store. “Costumize” the shirt from the villains on Super Power island. Super Power island is also where you get the belt. Find the pants anywhere.

It’s super simple. Go to Mythology island and costumize the woman standing in front of Herc’s Hero Hut. That’s it!

Costume 13: Hero from Ancient Greece

Everything is on Mythology island. Get the battle gear (skirt thingy and the thing that looks like and X on your chest) from Hercules. (You can still costumize him while he’s a statue) Costumize the helmet from Athena. Get the shirt from the man with the goat on Main Street. The sword comes from the Templar Knight outfit in the Poptropica store.

Costume 14: Oprah Winfrey

Get the skin color using the skin color cheat (Ctrl+Shift+S) or the Colorizer. You have to find everything else by costumizing people. Sorry, at least it’s simple.

Costume 15: Smoothie Girl

First, go to Mythology Island.. Go into Herc’s hut and get the purple girl’s bun. Get the lips from the girl with fruit on her head in Mythology. Go to RTI and get the 2nd hair piece from the girl in front of Mike’s Market. Get the 3rd hair piece from the goth dude outside TV World. Costumize the shirt and tie from the girl in Mike’s Market. Get the black dress and belt from common rooms. Use the black juice cheat for the drink. Get black hair and tan skin. You’re done!

Costume 16: The Angry Wing


This is my signature outfit. Most of the time, I’m wearing it, and you can just friend me (sleigh) and costumize it, but here’s how to get it anyway. The tie-dye shirt can be acquired by costumizing Hippie Harry on RTV. The mustache is from the magician’s outfit in the store. In this outfit, I’m chewing Classic Popgum. I found the hair in the Mythology Surfer outfit from the store. My jacket is also from the store (biker’s outfit). My white pants can be found in a multiplayer room. Finally the dynamite will have to be costumized from my closet. My username is sleigh.


46 comments on “Costume Combos

  1. you can also make some book charachters:
    Valkyrie Cain: black suit from spy island, sunglasses, pony tail, flame,black hair.
    Harry Potter: graduation robe, red cape, haunted house broom, black shaggy hair
    Violet Beudelair: purple dress from reality t.v island, pony tail, brown hair
    Leven Thumps: white shirt, jeans, shaggy hair, black hair, rockstar white streaks, curved sword of your choice

  2. You can make Indiana Jones with: Pyarmaid guys hat from nabooti, egg yolk colored shirt, jacket from detective in counterfeit a.k.a black widow’s henchman, whip belt from Nim’s Island ad, brown pants, and mouth from the guy on counterfeit with the silver tie

  3. Alice from Alice in Wonderland (the movie):Really light blond
    hair (color it by using the colorizer or the drinks from 24 carrot),hair from vampire girl 2,knight’s suit from the knight in astro knights.

  4. this requires not being able to finish reality tv island, but, if you keep the pizza, you can”wear” it. space bar allows you to toss it in the air:) just a tip for the hippie pizza delivery gal!

  5. i have another one:D

    go to or

    here are some of mine, they are quite weird
    Here are Costumes you would like to use:D
    You can Submit Your own Costume!R U Excited? I sure am!
    Here my Costumes I made:

    Scientist :
    Glasses: go to shrinkray island and go inside the building, and get the glasses from
    a boy wearing glasses.
    Hair: Sorry but Location uknown.. get any hair:D
    List(handhold item) : go to dr hair secret lab and costimize the scientist wearing pink shirt:D
    scientist shirt: go to super power island and go wear the police, and scientist are, costimize the women’s costume:D
    inside shirt: go to spy and get the inside shirt in the Spy Head Quarters:D

    Get any trouses and mouth and there you go! you are the top, smartest scientist ever known:D

    Candy Fairy Girl:
    hair: get the hair in a multiplayer room:D it took long enough.
    mouth: buy any chewing gum in the poptropica store then costimize it:D
    candy(handholditem): go to the poptropica store and buy it for free, then costimize it:D
    wings: get it from multiplayer room
    shirt and dress and trouses: get them anywhere( i found them in multiplayer:D)

    Vampire Tom Boy:
    get mouth from any vampire girl from store.
    facial makeup: get it from any vampire girl from store.
    shirt: get the shirt from store:D
    bloodlolliecandy(handhold item): get it from store for free.
    necklace: get it from hiphop from reality tv:D

    Binary Bard Fan:
    Binarybard: get the hat, cyborg eye, metalic face from anyone in a multiplayerroom.

    Get the clothes from spy island or from the magic costume in store(magician)
    Shrink Ray Gun: Buy the gun from store for 150 or 250 credits, then costimize it:D

    Smile for the picture:D

    Posideon’s son Preseon
    Posideon trident: finish mythology
    and click items and wear the trident:D
    Clothing: get any clothing as long as you like it:D
    get any cape from superpower store:D
    Get hair from Spy, Reality Tv, Early Poptropica,
    Counterfeit and other islands.

    You are Posideon’s son:D!

      • You have to create what you want the picture to be like by puling in or out the squares and then when youve finished youll see another 1 where its zoom do what you want with it but if its biger than the area of the squares it will be left out then see the little thing thts says link copy it and keep it safe and paste on websites like this walla!

  6. Hey, s’up peeps? Today I will show you how to get the toothy smile for the monster costume. 1. Make a girl account. 2. Save your game. 3. Buy the furry monster 2 in the store. 4. Costumize the mouth. If you have a boy account, continue reading. 5. Open a new window for Poptropica. (DON’T close the old one.) 6. Open a Multiverse in the old window. 7. Log in as a boy. 8. Open a Multiverse on that account and type in the room code. 9. Costumize the mouth! Look sideways :B Did you see buckteeth?

  7. I got 1 its right here
    its a costume called Dark God Archer and to get it you need the hades helm for the big effect the phantom for the glow effect and the flame (optional) then you buy dark astro knight 75 credits and then put it all on then get pirate captain costume and the knight that from castle time not other astro knight and put on his sword and pirates knife and then get robin hood use his bow and quivers on his back AND TADAAA you have a Dark God Archer and press space bar to grow large or small while shooting the arrow

    p.s Plz put this as a costume!

  8. I also left out some things like the electricicty costume that gives it line effect but you have to use the phantom again and a metalic face (optional) from multiplayer rooms! and shorts you can find anywhere

  9. Hey DUDE YOU STOLE MY COSTUME CUDDLY BEAR wait hes meeee! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I’m member now and got an AVATER! I have changed the costume I don’t even understand myself when I was 10 XDDDDDD

  10. go to To see my Fancy Aqua costume (I give ALL my credit to the poptropica fashion files add me logohme1 and noisyseagual

    • You can get a pony tail by costumizing any of the walkaround characters on mainstreet that have one. Go to an early island, like Early Poptropica or Shark Tooth, and go into a building, come out again, in and out, in and out, until a character has a pony tail. Then costumize them.

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