Get some popcorn, this is long

PEB Sagas-Friendly Crush

I was walking down Main Street after my haircut and suddenly I lost my breath and fell unconscious. I woke up later and found myself in the B.A.D. Headquarters. Oh no! I try the door but it was locked. I checked my camera and it was gone. The B.A.D. people must have taken it. I finally found a laser pen on the ground and cut through the door. But the place was filled with guard dogs. One of them had my camera. I used the laser pen to cut his dog bowl. He actually ran away, whimpering, and left my camera behind. I left through the other door and got into my blimp. That was close. I decided that I was getting a bit too round in the middle and stopped on Mythology island to excercise in the Midas gym. I met a nice Poptropican there named Friendly Crush. Click on this for the picture.

New Store Outfits

There is an outfit in the store that has three different styles, Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades. It comes with a surfboard! Here it is:

Where did it go?

I’ve noticed the absence of something lately and it’s advertisements!

I kinda missed those. They were fun and you usually get to win a costume or something.

But lately, there haven’t been any. I wonder if Poptropica stopped doing them.

Anyways, that’s too bad.


For me, today was the last day of school, so I gave my Poptropican a surfboard for the occasion. Anyways, woohoo!!!!! Summer, here I come! I am also redoing the Island guides into walkthroughs from Youtube. Bye!

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