New PEB Sagas, a one year anniversary, new costumes and more…

PEB Sagas- Funny Wing

I’m back again! After my excercise I decided I needed to get my newspaper for the day. I traveled to Super Power Island and entered The Daily Paper and met a nice man named Funny Wing. Could be a relative of mine. Click here for the picture.

New Costumes

There have been some new costumes released in the store lately and one of them is FREE! Here they are.

Astro- Knights, One year ago

Exactly one year ago today, Astro- Knights was released to the public. What a wonderful day that was. I just thought I should mention it.

Resignations On The PHB

I’m sad to say that on the Poptropica Help Blog-a very cool blog- two authors have resigned. Coskit and Neat Whale were two very awesome authors that we would love to have here. But, anyways that’s what I wanted to say.

Cool Big Nate Book

Any of you who liked Big Nate island, you should read the new book by Lincoln Pierce. It is hilarious. You have got to read it.

Big Nate: In a Class By Himself

Bye for now!

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