Snuggles and BJA

First of all, I would like to welcome… BJA! BJA is also my good buddy and Neat Runner and I are happy to have him here.

Also, the sneak peeks are back! Remember those plant Monsters and those sneak peeks? No? Well to jog your memory…

Here are the sneak peeks…

And the plant monsters…

It looks like they chose the monster on the top because of this latest PCB post:

The ‘Root’ Of All Evil

It’s actually kind of cute. I think I’ll call him Mr. Snuggles.


All these sneak peeks are probably for the same island. Hmmm…

It is probably a very dangerous island. Like I’ve said before, it reminds me of Astro-Knights.

Another afterthought: maybe you are supposed to get the fruit from on top of the plant.

Anyways, bye!

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