Not sleepy after all…

Well, that Plant Monster we found yesterday wasn’t sleepy after all because of what the Poptropica Creator, Hades says:

Plant monster, attack!

We’ve got a pretty scary looking monster at this point, but what good is a monster if it can’t attack? This monster can swing its seed pods around from its head, before throwing them at you at high speed.

Looks like you’re pretty small next to this thing, doesn’t it? That’s not all — we haven’t even seen the plant monster in motion yet.

Angry Wing: That is not something I would mess with. If you want to get bigger, just where Hades’ crown from Mythology island.

The image’s title is bolasattack. Somehow I have a feeling this plant name is Bola. Also, someone found my blog by searching bola cheats. That obviously means that monster is Bola.

Random Audience member: How did you find out the picture name?

Angry Wing: I have my ways…


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