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Angry Wing: Sorry, there is some sort of technical difficulties with this post editor, so I am not able to write anything without it being in bold

Steamworks monster animation test

Now that the we’ve decided what this plant monster should look like on the new Poptropica Island, Steamworks Island, the next step is to decide how the monster should move. We put together a quick and dirty animation test:

Angry Wing: The animations test didn’t show up on the PCB but I’ve got the link to the Test:

Bet you wouldn’t want to run into that thing in a dark alley!

All this has taken us nearly to the completion of a plant monster for Steamworks Island. We may still decide to change the monter’s behavior, or some aspects of its appearance. After a few final touches, we’ll put it all together — but you’ll have to wait until Steamworks Island launches to see it!


Angry Wing: Aha! I am able to get out of bold now! Here are some more PCB updates.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

I hope everyone is having a fun summer, while they squish red crabs on the beach. If you want to surprise your friends, try out the Hammerhead costume. It comes with a warm, limp fish.

Angry Wing: Must be one of Shark Boy’s friends.

Shark Boy (Randomly butting in): I in fact, Angry Wing, have no association with that… that… creature!

Angry Wing: Back to Master Mime’s post:

-Master Mime

Friendly Burger: Hey, there is a more important matter here!

Funny Tooth: Yeah, a major problemo!

Angry Wing: Uhmm…

Funny Tooth: Uh-huh!

Friendly Crush: Totally!

Speedy Spinner: Agreed.

Perfect Eye: Here that, a problem!

Angry Wing: Haven’t I seen you guys before?

Friendly Burger: Yeah, from PEB Sagas. What happened to it?!

Angry Wing: With all the latest updates on Steamworks island, it has been very busy around here. PEB Sagas will return when there is less of a rush. Thanks! I’ll leave this post for the other blog authors now.

Neat Runner: I am not sure what else there is to say, so I guess this is bye from me too!


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