New posts about old stuff.

Well, I can tell that the creators are bored. They are just talking about old stuff in their new posts.

I want to be free

That’s not true: I want everything else to be free. In the Poptropica Store, I mean. Even though most of those sweet, sweet Gold Cards cost me my precious Credits, there are plenty of free items to go around.

Like mini-quests!

The avatar studio!

Candy Canes!


(What is it, bubblegum week around here? Wake me up when there’s a carrot-flavored gum. Sheesh.)

Of course, for Poptropica Members, everything in the store is free, even costumes. But you knew that already.

– Dr. Hare

Bubblegum party!

Remember that cool bubblegum we released to the Poptropica Store a few weeks ago?

Angry Wing: Of course we don’t!(said sarcastically) Thanks for the reminder.

Or maybe the hot bubblegum?

Or maybe the free bubblegum?

Angry Wing: You showed us that in the last post!

Well, the creators decided to get together in a Multiverse room for a bubblegum party! As you can see, things got a little out of control.

Angry Wing: I wish I could have been there.

Why not throw your own bubblegum party in a common room or Multiverse room?

– Captain Crawfish

I have a feeling that Triton and the Black Widow are Poptropica Creators but aren’t on the blog. Don’t ya think so?

Anyways, I’ve been going around looking at different blogs and I found one that responds to comments really fast. I just thought that a good blog should be able to do that. Give a hand for Madhatter53’s Blog!


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