New Steamworks Sneak Peek

Angry Wing: Sorry for the delay of the contest I promised you guys. As soon as the prize is ready the contest will start. Bye!

Hello, It’s the first female on the PEB here again! The Poptropica Creator’s Blog released this new sneak peek about Steamworks. I think I remember Angry Wing posting about a picture of something on the PCB that had the words The Hub on it. The Creators are posting about that again.

What’s all the Hub-bub?

One of the places you’ll visit on Steamworks Island is what we call the Hub. It’s a sight to see! A rickety tower, a massive drawbridge, and pot-bellied steam stoves powering everything. Safe to say that you’ve never seen anything like the Hub before.

Er, at least, you won’t have seen anything like it. To start with, this marvel of modern engineering just looked like this:

Yes, it’s hard to see what all the hubbub is about — yet. Just wait until you see how this one develops!

-Binary Bard

Cool isn’t it? And that’s it from the only girl on the PEB!

By Trusty Joker

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