Contest Winners Revealed!

OK, the contest is closed and I am announcing the winners. So winners, you better be watching!

The final five,

Nikan87 with

dgpops with

Smart Kid with

pretty girl with

Shaggy Tornado with

The final five are not in order. Now I will narrow it down to the final four and then the final three and those will be our winners.


dgpops with

Shaggy Tornado with

Smart Kid with

Nikan87 with

These are still not in order, the final three will be.

1. dgpops with

2. Smart Kid with

3. Shaggy Tornado with

Congrats to our final three winners. All of the final three will get a special space in the sidebar all to themselves!

The first place winner(dgpops) will also win a credit filled dummy account!

Thank you everyone for entering the contest and when I make another one, please enter again!

5 comments on “Contest Winners Revealed!

  1. personally idc cus i already have a dummy, but i think i should’ve won, or pretty girl, her’s was my favorite one

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