Dino Tracks and Pumkin Maps

I know, this is late. But I was on my last few days of summer break. Anyways, school is starting now but I am off topic, so here are the pictures the Creators of Poptropica showed.

What a hunk of junk!

Look like big footprints, real big footprints

So those are the dino tracks part of the title and drumroll please.

Another PCB post!

Pump up the map

Since we’ve added so many new Islands to Poptropica recently, you may have noticed the map screen has gotten a little too full. Well, no more! We’ve made a brand-new map. And it has plenty of room for even more Islands.

In fact, if you go to the map now, you’ll be able to see the next Island we’re working on — along with a sneak preview that’s open to everybody! Check it out!

Shark Boy

The island is Great Pumpkin island. The map is really cool now. It’s like the map on Nabooti island. It now shows the difficulty level of the islands and here they are.

Early Poptropica: Easy

Shark Tooth: Easy

Time Tangled: Medium

24 Carrot: Medium

Super Power: Medium

Spy: Hard

Nabooti: Medium

Big Nate: Easy

Astro Knights: Hard

Counterfeit: Medium

Reality TV: Medium

Mythology: Hard

Skullduggery: Hard

Steamworks: Hard

Great Pumpkin: Easy

So if you click on Great Pumpkin, you will go to an actual island. You can only talk to one person. It is a sneak peek. The graphics are different from most Poptropica islands like Big Nate is different. The characters on this island are from Charlie Brown.

Click here for what Great Pumpkin island looks like. It looks like it will be king of lame. I mean come on! That’s all from Angry Wing


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