New Game Cards and other stuff.;)

Here is the game cards post:

Poptropica Game Cards are available now!

If you’ve been to a Target store recently, you might have seen something interesting in the electronics section. Something that looks a little like this:

Introducing the Poptropica Game Card! Poptropica Members can use Game Cards to extend their existing Memberships by 10 weeks. Non-Members can use them either for a new 10-week Membership, or 1,000 Credits to use in the Poptropica Store. Either way, you win!

Poptropica Game Cards are available now at Target, and are coming soon to many other retailers. You know, the holidays are right around the corner…

-Black Widow

Okay, drumroll please.*drumroll starts in the backround* Here is the other stuff post:

PopMatrix – Development Screenshots

Hey guys.

I noticed how much you guys wanted the PopMatrix out, (The poll is in the post below this one) and I’ve been working hard! Anyway, the new version of the “Poptroportex”/PopMatrix is almost done. I thought I’d show you guys some screen shots of how it looks now, at 85% completion.

The first one is of it in Manual Mode, and the second Search Mode. Looks cool, huh?

– Over & Out, CK


Alright, most of you know that this is not a PCB post. This post comes from the famed Coderkid from the PHF Blog. Many of you also know he is rebooting the PHF and instead of Poptropica Help Forums, it will be called Poptropica Help Factory. For you guys who have no clue about what I am talking about here: The PHF is a site created by Coderkid, who also works on the PHB (Poptropica Help Blog). He has not worked on the PHF in a while, so he is rebooting it. He used to have creations that could basically transport your poptropican anywhere or give it a cool costume. He is redoing those to. The Poptroportex used to transportyour Poptropican anywhere. He is now making it better and calling it PopMatrix. He is working on others, as well. I thought I should Share that because these could be very useful to a Poptropican like you and me.

Anyways, Angry Wing out!

5 comments on “New Game Cards and other stuff.;)

  1. Hey! I saw you on that B-day shout out page! Your birthday is dec 14 and your turning 10!Cool! I knew I recognized you! I’m skinny bean and my sister is tall bird!

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