3’s 3’s 3’s

Three is what we are talking about today, in case you missed it. 😉 Here is a chance to celebrate Poptropica’s third birthday. First Sing along with me!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Poptropica!

Happy Birthday to you!

I have one more funny birthday song.

This is your birthday song!

It’s not very long, hey!

Funny, right? *Hears boos from the audience* Okay then, moving on. Here are the PCB posts:


In addition to giving away an ULTRA_RARE PRIZE in the common rooms, we’re giving away a FREE item in the Poptropica store!

Thank you Poptropicans for your support!

-Master Mime

Happy 3rd birthday, Poptropica!

Some of our agents may have already figured it out — it’s Poptropica’s third birthday this month!

To celebrate, we’re giving all Poptropica fans a chance to win a special, rare outfit. All you have to do is visit any common room between now and September 30, and look for the special blue balloon with a “3” on it.

Pop the balloon, and you win!

If you don’t see the birthday balloon this time, you can keep trying. Our 3rd birthday page has all the details.

And now, it’s time to party!

-Director D.

Sooooo, I have not found the baloon with the rare costume but I do have the free store item.


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