Contest Winners!

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Our contest has ended. The following costumes were entered:

Those are our contestants! Now we will take one away! I’m sorry but say goodbye to… Perfect Paw!

This was her costume

Say goodbye to… Trusty Joker!

Her costume is

Okay we will now cross off the rest that didn’t make it. This is taking too long.

Bye to… wiimoose600! dgpops! Strange Typhoon! Krazigirl! Bronzedude!

So our two winners are Noisy Heart and Shaggy Tornado!

Noisy Heart wins these: (enter the usernames in the Avatar Studio)  User: pebcostumecontest

Shaggy Tornado wins these: User:costumecontest

Noisy Heart and Shaggy Tornado will be emailed with the usernames and passwords.

And the PHB is having a costume contest too. People are done entering but I am in the top ten! There is a poll to vote for your favorite costume and my username is sleigh. So if you want to vote for me, go here:

and vote for sleigh

Alright that’s all for now! Bye!

By Angry Wing

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