Q: When will the Popgum end? A: Not soon.

Yes the title says it all. There is more Popgum. I quote Green Boa from the Poptropica Help Blog next. (so this is now plagiarism!)

“It’s Skullduggerry & Skullbubblery” ~Green Boa

New In the Poptropica Store: Spooktacular gum

Just in time for Halloween, you can get a spooky new type of chewing gum in the Poptropica Store.

When the spooktacular gum pops, a group of wailing ghouls flies away. Take some into any common room and see if you can scare the daylights out of other Poptropicans, like I did to this precious princess here:

Who needs a costume? Not me!

-Black Widow

Remember, next week is PEB Fan Week! Show your true PEB colors! (Our colors are actually black and green right now.)

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