Goat, Not a Cryptid

What’s got your goat?

The goats are everywhere. They’re even hanging out of this shack.

They’ve got no respect for other people’s property. Or maybe they’re hiding.

-Captain Crawfish

Personally, he didn’t show me or my property any respect when he met me. Don’t tell him. Everyone knows goats are real, so why would they be on Cryptids Island? Maybe they’re hiding from a DINOSAUR! o_o

Captain Crawfish: I heard that comment!

Wait, aren’t you supposed to dead? I thought I sunk your ship on Skullduggery Island.

Captain Crawfish: Maybe… but that doesn’t matter! What matters is you’ll need a peg leg by the end of this post!

Uh-oh, I better go.

Captain Crawfish: Where did I put my sword?


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