The Long Awaited Daily Pop is HERE!!!!!”

No, not literally here, but on Poptropica. After you log into Poptropica, you will find this.

In the top right hand corner, you will find the Poptropica blimp, the Daily Pop symbol, Store and Stats, Multiverse, and a house. The Poptropica blimp will take you to playing Poptropica. The Daily Pop symbol will take her to the Daily Pop. Store and Stats will take you to the Store and Stats. I’m afraid Stuff is no longer included in the Store. Multiverse is Multiverse. The house will take you to that screen which is now called Home.

The Daily Pop Itself

The Sneak Peek section interests me. First, there is the Sherpa one above. That could be the Sherpa guide that Hazmat Hermit was talking about when he was climbing a mountain. The next sneak peek is a saloon. On the side it says, “Where there’s a saloon, there’s a town, but not necessarily vice versa.”

The next sneak peek is a general store! Just like another sneak peek we saw shown on the Creators’ Blog. The sneak peek they had shown was of the outside, but here is the inside. The Poptropican has a pencil behind his ear and is wearing shoes. That’s very odd.

The next one is some truck sketches. Upcoming islands might include vehicles! That would be cool if your Poptropican could have his or her own truck.

And lastly, we have a stagecoach. On the side it says, “All the world’s a stage. On one new island, the whole world might be a stagecoach.” Well that’s frightening. I’ll just show you the picture now.

Every day, the Daily Pop gets rid of the last sneak peek and adds a new one. That’s why I am posting about all of these before they go away. Sadly, none of them seem to do with Cryptids island except the Sherpa guide. So, we know now that there is a possible Stagecoach island.


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