New Stuff

I have a lot to talk about.

You may want to click on the image because it is kind of small.

Going left to right.

Picture 1. It looks like some sort of card game idea. Could it be a new game to play in multi-player rooms? It doesn’t look like the final idea, does it? Maybe it’s a first draft.

Picture 2. Ruby’s Root Beer Saloon. It looks like there is gum or ice cream stuck to the walls. This saloon could be something on Wild West island.

Picture 3. It’s a bird’s eye view of a ranch or farm. It could also be on Wild West island. The farm is called Rusty’s Ranch.

Picture 4. There’s a cactus with these signs on it: CASINO, SHOOTING CONTEST, TRAIN, DOS. I wonder what DOS means. All of these sneak peeks so far seem to be about Wild West island.

Picture 5. Another game. It looks like a card game like poker. Maybe we’ll be playing it when Wild West island comes.

Picture 6. There is another bird’s eye view. It looks like the kind of view that’s when you are sailing on Skullduggery island or driving the car or motorcycle on Cryptids.

That’s a lot of sneak peeks. A lot of Wild West. See you next time!

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