Can I get a Daily Pop sneak peek? With a fortune cookie?

I have quite a few Daily Pop sneak peeks, but sadly no fortune cookie.

Click on the images to make them bigger.


(left to right starting at top)

  1. From experience with Wimpy Wonderland, I know that that’s a Whirley Street kid throwing snowballs.
  2. It looks like a hut. Maybe Chinese or Japanese. There are fish, but no pond.
  3. A rough sketch of a green background. There is a piece of stale popcorn as big as the person.Maybe on that island, we’ll be tiny. There is a building called Roach Motel in the background.
  4. It’s a game you will play on Wimpy Wonderland.
  5. This looks like a drawing of how far the Poptropican can jump. Another Asian environment.
  6. Some sort of plant.
  7. This is a mountain peak. Pretty self-explanatory. There are many mountain ranges in Asia, though.
  8. An Asian place, with grey stairs There are many trees.
  9. Robots on wheels with smoke and fire blowing out the top? How much stranger can this get?
  10. A watercolor of an Asian building.

So, what do we know?

  1. Asian themed island
  2. Small Poptropican themed island

Any suggestions for names?

  • China island
  • Asia island
  • Asian hut island
  • Underground island
  • Giant island
  • Tiny Poptropica island
  • Shrinking island

Comment with anymore.




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