All Fun and Games


There are some new prank cans in the store, along with a new favorite game of Greg Heffley’s: Twisted Wizard.

Prank Cans are in the Store NOW!!!!!

-Master Mime

New on Poptropica: Play Twisted Wizard!

If you’ve played through Wimpy Wonderland already, then you know that a key puzzle is figuring out how to get Greg to stop playing Twisted Wizard. But if you haven’t played Wimpy Wonderland yet, then there’s a surprise in store: you’ll have to beat Twisted Wizard for him! That’s right, now you can play Twisted Wizard in Wimpy Wonderland.

Don’t fret if you’ve already completed the Island. You can play Twisted Wizard at any time by visting the “games” tab in your inventory.

It’s three levels of ogre-zapping fun. And here’s a helpful tip: You can rotate the blocks by pressing the space bar.

Happy wizarding!

Captain Crawfish

By the way, hand held items are no longer costumizable. It kind of stinks, but at least I got to get some dynamite. Also, remember that we have an AWESOME costume contest going on. Be sure to enter! If five people haven’t entered by the deadline, April 10th, the deadline will be extended. Be sure to enter!


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