Give a hand for…

The new name for the upcoming island is here…..





Yes, Red Dragon island!

It’s based on the book series, Magic Tree House. This book in particular:

So now there are five islands based on books and comics:

  • Big Nate (Big Nate)
  • Nabooti (Choose Your Own Adventure)
  • Great Pumpkin (Peanuts)
  • Wimpy Wonderland (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
  • Red Dragon (Magic Tree House)


Here is the info page of Red Dragon island:

Here is the trailer of Red Dragon island:

Right now there is a sneak peek on Poptropica for Red Dragon island. You have to win twenty games of sumo wrestling to be the highest rank. For each rank, (Juryo, Maegashira, Sanyaku, Ozeki, Yokozuna) except for Juryo, you get a sumo wrestling costume. The sneak peek makes your Poptropican fat while you’re on the island, but the island sounds interesting

Also, remember that we have a costume contest going on!

Prizes: You get to tell me whatever you want to say in a post on the Poptropica Excitement Blog, and I will post it for you, signing your name…for two posts!!! Plus, you get advertisement on TEN straight posts for your website or your Poptropican Avatar Studio. With all that, you get your costume on our Costume Combos page. Second place also gets their costume on the Costume Combos page.

What you have to do: I know, but we really like costume contests, so here is one. Have the coolest SPRING/SUMMER THEMED costume COMBO to win. Make sure to tell us how you got it, with the link to your Poptropican.


  1. You cannot have a FULL costume from the store.
  2. You can use any cheat on our Cheats page for your outfit.
  3. Do not FULLY costumize a character on an island (Examples: Dr. Hare, Museum Curator, Vlad the Viking, etc.)
  4. If you win, do not put anything other than stuff that has to do with Poptropica in your post.
  5. Your costume has to be Spring/Summer themed.
  6. You can’t have any items from advertisements.


That’s it! Finally…

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