Another Members-only Item!!

This time it’s a… NINJA!

Not the old boring Midnight Ninja from the store, but the…

Midnight Red Ninja!

“This new ninja costume is inspired by the upcoming Red Dragon Island. The Midnight Red Ninja outfit is available exclusively to Poptropica Members.

All Poptropicans can also pick up two classic Japanese-inspired costumes: the original Midnight Ninja, and the Samurai,” says the Black Widow.

Which one of those is your favorite? (Mine’s the Midnight Red Ninja.)

Also remember the contest! More people need to enter! It’s an easy way to get your Poptropican or blog advertised. Here are the rules:

Prizes: You get to tell me whatever you want to say in a post on the Poptropica Excitement Blog, and I will post it for you, signing your name…for two posts!!! Plus, you get advertisement on TEN straight posts for your website or your Poptropican Avatar Studio. With all that, you get your costume on our Costume Combos page. Second place also gets their costume on the Costume Combos page.

What you have to do: I know, but we really like costume contests, so here is one. Have the coolest SPRING/SUMMER THEMED costume COMBO to win. Make sure to tell us how you got it, with the link to your Poptropican.


  1. You cannot have a FULL costume from the store.
  2. You can use any cheat on our Cheats page for your outfit.
  3. Do not FULLY costumize a character on an island (Examples: Dr. Hare, Museum Curator, Vlad the Viking, etc.)
  4. If you win, do not put anything other than stuff that has to do with Poptropica in your post.
  5. Your costume has to be Spring/Summer themed.
  6. You can’t have any items from advertisements.

Please enter! Only two people have entered so far. Come on, the prizes rock, and the rules are simple. You get to POST on this blog!


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