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Go climb a tree

What do you suppose is happening here?

I’ve never seen a Poptropican do that before…

Captain Crawfish


Traveling salesman

The sneak preview of Red Dragon Island just keeps getting better. Now it’s easier than ever for Poptropica Members to get your Midnight Red Ninja costume. Just pick it up at the kiosk next to the ring!

Now that’s what I call customer service.

Captain Crawfish


Memoirs of a Poptropica costume

Looking through the store, it seems there are even more Japanese-inspired costumes that can get you geared up for the upcoming launch of Red Dragon Island. This Geisha costume for girls comes with a special item.

The Shamisen is a traditional three-stringed instrument found in Japan, which is a speciality of the Geisha. Put on this costume and press the spacebar to strum your Shamisen. Then sing yourself a happy tune as you await Red Dragon Island.

Angry Wing: When have you started caring for things other than stealing art?

Black Widow: Well, I—

Angry Wing: Hey, how did you get out of jail?

Black Widow: Uh, the—

Angry Wing: Why aren’t you answering me?

Black Widow: You—

Angry Wing: Well?

Black Widow: I’vegottenboredwithstealingartsothatanswersthatandIfinishedmytimeinjailandtheyletmeoutandIamtryingtoansweryoubutyoukeepinterruptingsoIdon’thaveachancetospeakwillyoujustletmefinishmypost?

Angry Wing: What?


Angry Wing: I—

Black Widow: I’m leaving! *stomps off*

Angry Wing: I guess I should finish the art thief’s—

Black Widow: I’m not a thief!

Angry Wing: Okay. Where was I? Oh, right. —post for her. so…

-The Black Widow

Also remember the contest!

Black Widow: Uggh!

Captain Crawfish: Touchy.

Angry Wing: I know, right?

Black Widow: I heard that!

Angry Wing: Whatever.

Black Widow: That too!

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