Game Show Island and Legendary swords!

First, all this Legend-wait for it-ary stuff has a name now. And its not an island. Here are the two videos for Legendary Swords!

And the poster that we thought was for an island.

I can’t wait! Here’s what the Creators say:

Announcing… Legendary Swords!

We’re excited to announce an all-new Poptropica experience: Legendary Swords!

What is Legendary Swords? It’s not an Island. It’s a brand-new type of adventure that will be available soon in the Poptropica Store.

We’ll have a lot more to tell you about Legendary Swords, including gameplay details and the release date, right here in the official Poptropica blog. In the meantime, get those reflexes ready — you’ll need them!

Captain Crawfish

Game show island is also coming out soon. The info page is

Game Show Island main street

“Welcome to a future where robots rule. Building computers to compete on TV game shows seemed like a funny idea – until the machines wanted more. Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior. Are you clever enough to beat the robots at their own games, and restore the dignity of all Poptropicans?”

The mini-game is out! It’s the Money Ladder!

Money Ladder is now available!

Our new, Game Show Island-themed mini-game is now available! Just log onto Poptropica and go to your travel map to start climbing the Money Ladder!

This is a fun new trivia game that will test your smarts. If you need a little help, try calling one of the robot experts for help. The Professor, the Athlete, and the Starlet all have different areas of expertise, and can help you out with tough questions.

Visit Poptropica now to play Money Ladder!

-Captain Crawfish

The Official Guidebook is coming out soon, also.


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