Legend-wait for it-ary Swords

Legendary Swords has been out for six days, and beating all those wimpy robots is actually not that hard.

E. Vile: Hey! My robot minions are mighty and legendary masters of evil!

Angry Wing: Swords are legendary. Your robots are recyclable tin cans.

E. Vile: *runs off crying.* Why!

Angry Wing: I have to admit, I had a pretty great comeback.

Members get to play more of the game than the non-members do, unfortunately, but that’s all the more reason to get membership.

Here is a recent Creators posts about Legendary Swords:

More swords in Legendary Swords

If you’ve played Legendary Swords, then you already know that you’ll find two powerful blades on your quest: the Rusty Relic and the Bolt.

But you may not have realized that you can use any sword from the Poptropica Store in Legendary Swords! It’s easy — just go to your sword inventory and select the “store” tab.

You can go straight to that costume in the Poptropica Store, and get it with your Membership or for Credits. Then you can use even more swords in the game, like the Dark Knight Sword and the Laser Sword.

Visit Poptropica now to play Legendary Swords!

-Captain Crawfish

By the way, what do you think of the blog’s new theme?

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