Alright. Merry Christmas!

WHO WANTS A CONTEST!!!! *The crowd goes wild!* There willl be plenty coming in 2012, hopefully starting in late January.

Now, the Christmas fashion show!

Happy Holidays!

The Creators have something to say too.

Happy Holidays from Poptropica!

Well, it’s the holiday season once again, and once again the Creators are about to settle in for a long winter’s nap. But before we go, we thought we’d bring back some seasonal wallpapers that we first introduced in this blog three years ago.

Click either of these images to load the full size, and then right-click and set as your desktop background.

Thanks to every Poptropican for making 2011 a great year. We’ve got even more in store for you in 2012.

Happy holidays, and a happy new year!

-Captain Crawfish

Elf power!

This week, there are two new items in the Poptropica Store!

The Elf Costume is a stylish look for any occasion — but mostly for Christmas.

Or, blast your friends with holiday cheer by grabbing the Candy Cane-On!

Both of these items are available in the Poptropica Store. The Candy Cane-On costs 150 credits, and the Elf Costume is free for all! Poptropica Members, of course, can use any costume and Gold Card in the store without needing credits.

Happy holidays!

-Black Widow

And one more thing…

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