The Countdown is on…

4 days, 2 hours, 17 minutes and 27, 28, 29…

seconds until S.O.S. Island is released for Members!

Here is a Creator’s post with some more info…

More S.O.S. Island details leak out…

The release of S.O.S. Island draws ever closer. If you haven’t been keeping up with developments on our S.O.S. Island info page, then you may not have heard that this Island will include a special bonus quest for Members!

Everyone will still get the same great action and storytelling you expect from Poptropica — and S.O.S. Island has some amazing twists you’ve never seen before. But Members will get to go beyond the story, to find out what happens after the first tale is finished.

We’ll have more news about S.O.S. Island very soon!

Captain Crawfish

Hmm, “Amazing twists you’ve never seen before.” Sounds pretty awesome.


The Creators have come out with three new posters.

They’re looking pretty good.



Under construction

We’re plugging away on a cool new feature for Poptropica that we will have ready for you soon. Here’s another quick look.

Can you guess what it might be? We’ll have all the details soon!

-Captain Crawfish

Could this be the new feature we’ve seen in the Daily Pop?

All right, that’s all for today!



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