This is The Poptropica Excitement Blog. This is where you can find all about Poptropica.


  1. No swearing
  2. No crude images
  3. No off topic comments or posts


Author/Owner: ɐuƃɹʎ ʍıuƃ (Angry Wing)

is age ten and lives in Idaho, USA. He loves joking around. If you want to see his Poptropican, type in sleigh in the avatar studio.Oh, and… you can call me AW.

This blog has also been given some awesome awards by another Poptropica blog, and here they are:

Good writer award. Awarded to blogs who maintain good posts frequently and have up to date updates as well as abundant information in posts.

Devoted Writer

Builder Award. Award is given to blogs that have created and maintained many, many, many pages, items, and things.



23 comments on “About

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