Cool Stuff

Hi, this is the page for Cool Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Costume Combos

Cool themed costume combos for everyone to try out! Comment with links to your own Costume Combos for them to be featured on this page.

Binary Translator

Find out what the Binary Bard is saying at the end of his PCB posts.

Videos Made by Me

Unlike the Island Walk-throughs, they are made completely by me! I hope you enjoy them. (or at least watch them)

Contact the Me (Angry Wing)

My email is

Contact me for any questions concerning the blog or help on Poptropica


I made some comics for you to see! I hope you like them. Click on them to make them bigger.


21 comments on “Cool Stuff

  1. hay angry wing wiill u get on and whose chat is this

    Angry Wing:I will try to get on more often and one of the chat groups is mine and the other one is the PHC but I am hosting it on my blog.

  2. Utah (did you see it). Awesome field goal block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To win the game 😀 _________________________________________________________{}______{}__________________________________________________________________Utah Utes:17. BYU:16. ====================={}===================[+. |_ _| utes signal

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