Poptropica Blog Network

This is the Poptropica Blog Network (soon to be renamed)

The blogs in the PBN are:

The Poptropica Excitement Blog

Spotted Rock’s Poptropica Blog

The Fresh Pop Blog

ST Pop Trop


This is our chat. Feel free to talk about Poptropica, or the blogs in the Poptropica Blog Network:

Just go to the page called “PBN Chat.”

Here is a public document that you can comment on with any complaints/compliments about this blog or any other blog in the PBN. You can also ask for help about Poptropica here:



2 comments on “Poptropica Blog Network

  1. So, I logged into an old account I had. I hadn’t been there in a long time, but I wanted to log into it because I completed a LOT of islands, because when SkullDuggerry Island was a new one, I completed ALL the other islands, and years later, I wanted to continue from my progress, since I stopped after giving up on the hard island.
    But, when I logged on, it said I only did TWO islands!!! All that work down the drain, and looks like I have to START OVER. 😦
    And, over half of my store items were gone! And I only had 125 credits. So, nothing showed that I accomplished a lot of work.
    My username is alexis-bff, btw.

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