TK’s Journal

Hi, I’m Trusty Kid. Anyways, PEB Sagas is no longer around. So I am starting to write about my adventures here, in my journal. I might as well get started.

Entry 1

Angry Wing’s told me a lot about Steamworks island. I don’t think I want to go there. I heard he was nearly strangled by a plant monster. Currently I am on my ship, the Phoenix Warbird. Uh-oh, pirates! Gotta go!

Entry 2

Yesterday I was attacked by pirates sailing the Skullduggery seas. Damaged my ship pretty badly. Good thing I have a great crew. I think I should leave Skullduggery island. I’ll leave at dusk.

Entry 3

I am sailing towards Reality TV island, where I hope to make a profit. I want to win that show!

Entry 4

I am now shopping in Billiards at Reality TV island. I’m entered in the contest. It starts tomorrow.

Entry 5

Dr. Hare has gotten kicked off. I think I’m doing pretty good. Between you and me, that was a lie.

Entry 6

The Black Widow is eliminated. I am one of 6 people left. We did the fishing and I rocked at it!

Entry 7

I’m still in! Grandpa Grum has left the party.

Entry 8

I won the Geyser Guess, I forgot who left. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Entry 9

Guess who got voted off this time? Me.

Entry 10

I went to Billiards today and met a guy named Scary Leopard. He told me an ancient story about Haunted House Island. He said that down beneath the graveyard is a place where all goblins, ghouls, ghost, vampires, and witches meet. He says that they have been there for centuries, waiting for someone to… bring some supplies for a party.

Entry 11

I went to Haunted House Island and I got scared out of my wits by a cat! (It was a ghost.)

Entry 12

I was walking along the streets of Counterfeit island yesterday and I saw a Barbie advertisement. That was not a fun moment, believe me.

Entry 13

I left Counterfeit on the blimp and I decided I needed to get a job. That’s when I went to Super Power and got a job as a writer for the Daily Paper. It’s pretty easy because I’ve already written five stories about the free prisoners being recaptured.

Entry 14

I got another story! A kid on Counterfeit was framed for stealing the Scream. They found the real thief and it was the Black Widow. I hope it’s not already in another newspaper.

Entry 15

I had earned 400 credits from my new job and I got fired! Oh well, I wasn’t made for writing in the paper anyways. I think I need a vacation.

Entry 16

I thought Shark Tooth might be a nice place to take a vacation. Then I heard about the sharks and decided against it.

Entry 17

I’ve been seeing pictures of Cryptids island recently, and I can’t wait. I have to admit, I don’t think I’ll be visiting New Jersey anytime soon. I’d be scared to death.

Entry 18

I decided to go to Wild West before it became public. I was wearing this disco outfit I bought in the store, and I got thirsty. I went to the nearest saloon. The guys there started whispering into the others’ ears and pointing in my direction. I decided to show off my moves. I pointed to a DJ in the corner (how did he get there?) and the disco music started. The huge men started smiling and then (you are not going to believe this) started dancing! We had a great time, until the DJ fell asleep and the music changed to some old classical music. The men stopped dancing and were probably trying to decide whether to kick me or the DJ. I hurried over, and changed back to disco. The guys really liked that, and we danced until some guy decided that he was getting bored of the disco. That guy drop kicked me out the door.

Entry 19

I did end up going to Cryptids, and it was not a good idea. I fell out of the boat when I saw the Loch Ness Monster, nearly got my head bitten off by the Chupacabra, and I could not follow Bigfoot. I kept losing track of him.

Entry 20

When I got onto the blimp today, I sorta kind of accidentally fell asleep at the wheel on my way to Time Tangled. I woke up in a strange place. Everything was black and white, and the people looked strange. There were also horizontal lines everywhere, as if it was all a picture drawn on a piece of notebook paper. I found that to be true. That’s when I started pinching myself to wake up. I decided to walk into the photo gallery. I found real people at last! Victory!

Entry 21

I got out of that weird place and went to Wild West. I found a horse and I could NOT ride it. I was left stranded in the middle of the desert. (It bucked me off.) Some guy with a huge sombrero rescued me (or so I thought) and brought me to his place. He must have had a bunch of friends over because it was pretty crowded. Then I realized that they were carrying guns! I asked the guy his name and his answer was El Mustachio Grande. Yikes!

Entry 22

This is my second day being held captive by El Mustachio Grande. The gang went off to rob a bank or something. I took the opportunity and made a run for it as soon as they left. I made it back to the blimp and flew off in search off a place with less adventure.

Entry 23

IĀ  found out today that I don’t like being shrink to the size of a grape. Note to self: find Shrink Ray gun.

Entry 24

I went to a new island today, and it was full of robots. I asked one of them where I could buy a robot for myself, and they called the police on me. Now I’m sitting in my jail cell waiting for a radioactive meteor to crash into the building.

Entry 25

A new inmate came in today. It was a guy who pressed a button he wasn’t supposed to. At least, that’s what I heard. Seems like a weird reason for being jailed. I wonder if he’s as confused as I am.

Entry 26

A radioactive meteor crashed into the prison today,creating a perfect opportunity for everyone to escape with superpowers. And the reason I’m not happy about it is this: I was asleep.

Entry 27

I found a cat in my cell today. He’s so cute, so I named him C.K., for Cute Kat.The cat must have absorbed some of that meteor’s energy, because when I lifted it up as I looked out the window, gazing at Super Power Island, it clawed through the bars of my window and jumped out. Free at last! I jumped after him and… fell, and fell, and fell. Three stories. Ouch. But at least I’m free, and I have a new super-powered pet.

Entry 28

I wasn’t really sure where to go, considering that I’m a fugitive now, but I ended up going to Ghost Story Island. I checked in at this nice inn this morning, called the Hemlock Inn. I’m going to sleep now. I’m pretty tired.

Entry 29

I just woke up. It’s the middle of the night, and a loud thump is what woke me up. Wait, I-I-I I see a chair m-m-moving. As I’m writing this, I’m running out of the room, screaming. No way I’ll be staying on this island for long.

Entry 30

I’ve been fooled. Turns out it was just the owners of the motel. How rude! Well, I found another place to stay: the motel at Reality TV Island. You’ll never believe who I saw: Bucky Lucas.


18 comments on “TK’s Journal

  1. haha it’s a funny journal. autually i found the barbie ad a long time ago with my best account,Smart Belly.i think so. i lost the account when my brother changed it.
    so sad

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